A religious activity day

By Sumith Priyashantha

Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

Seelananda Hamuduruwo from Edmonton Samatha-Vippassana Meditation Centre is willing to come to Saskatoon for a religious activity day. He can conduct activities in both Sinhala and English. Here is what he does normally.

“What I normally do is meditation for both (kids and Adults). If you are going to have different two programs I can easily conduct it in two levels (where children need some stories and playing). This is including meditation (walking/sitting). Usually I give instructions from the beginning, Dhamma talk, and Dhamma discussion and also a short pooja.”

I have attached a programme specimen here (this is just an example). We can arrange the programme the way we want. Please let me know your willingness to participate in a religious day activity. Also….if you have any
suggestion, please kindly pass it to me.

I am thinking of a day in November.


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