Ven Dodampahala Vipulasiri Thero’s Visit

Nelumbo nucifera Ven Dodampahala Vipulasiri Thero (from Montreal temple), came to a conference in Regina, will be visiting Saskatoon today (afternoon, 15th Oct, 2008) out of the blue and probably will be staying at Northgate Motor Inn. (706 Idylwyld Drive North, SASKATOON, SK S7L 0Z2 Telephone: 306-6644414) until Friday morning (17th Oct, 2008).

If you need to have him visit to your home for a Dana, Pirith, Bana etc. feel free to do so. Or you can bring your Dana (heel and daval) to his place. And pls let us know what dana your going to make (heel dana, daval dana or bana etc), so we can fix a quick schedule.


15th (Wednesday)
Arrival: 12:30pm

Evening at Burmese Buddhist temple/Thushan’s place

16th (Thursday)
Heela Dana at Thushan’s place (#7, 1510, main street)
Daval Dana at Burmese Buddhist temple

Evening at Nalinda’s house (bana/pirith)
(60-135 Pawlychenko Lane)

17th (Friday)

Heela Dana at Kosala’s place (211, Beechmont Crescent)
Leaving after heel dana

Everyone is cordially invited to any and all this events.

Please do feel free to forward this note to anyone you might think would be interested.

“Yathā’pi rahado gambhiro – vippasanno anāvilo

Evam dhammāni sutvāna – vippasidanti panditā”

“Like a deep lake with clear and placid water, wise men become extremely serene and appeased on hearing the teachings of the lord Buddha (Pandita Vagga-7, Dhammapadaya)”


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