Kathina Ceremony at Burmese Temple

By Ven Osadha Thero (Chief Monk at Burmese Buddhist Temple, Saskatoon, medicin18@gmail.com)
     On behalf of Burmese Buddhist families in Saskatoon, we cordially invite you to attend to Kathina ceremony to be held at Mettavihare temple, in Saskatoon. In anticipation to attain Nibbana, which is freedom from all suffering in the round of rebirths, we are performing meritoriuos deeds together and your participation will add greatly to the substance of this ceremony.

Date:   October 18, 2008 (Saturday)

Time:  1:00 pm

Place:  Mettavihare Burmese Buddhist Temple
            115, Witney Ave S, Saskatoon, S7M 3K1
            Ph: 306-382-0461
            View Map

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