First Day of Sinhala Language School & Choral Festival

Hello friends,
The Sinhala Language School will commence classes on January 11, 2009.

The first class will be held at Mettavihare Burmese Buddhist temple, 115, Witney Ave S, Saskatoon, on January 11th from 9.45 AM to 12 Noon. At this time, Buddhist monks of Burmese temple have kindly agreed to preach a “Dhamma Desena” to our language school kids. We have planned to offer “dhana” for the two monks. I invite you to participate in this event with your family. Please be punctual as the preaching by the monks will commence on time.

A meal including a soup, rice and curry (dishes of vegetables and fish) and desserts will be offered for dhana. Each family is expected to bring a dish sufficient to offer for Buddha pooja, dhana and lunch for the families of our language school (Lunch will be taken at the temple).

Please let me or Janitha know, the type of dish you will be offering for this event on or before January 9, 2009.

Further choral festival will be held on 14th March. We have to prepare our kids for this event too. So please select good song or performance for this event.


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