Let us help this “Poor Kid”

helping-hand By Priyashantha & Gemunu

We like to bring your attention to an article published on Lakbima Sinhala edition (under “Ridma”) on January 25th, 2009. Please read the article from the following link or using the attached pdf before we proceed further.

http://www.lakbima.lk/archive/last_25_01_09/index.htm (second topic in the “Ridma”)

So….what do you think? Can we do something for this poor kid as a community. We all are blessed with so many things here. So…Why not, we give dollar or two to someone like this. There is no politics here. No race or no language involved here. No any obligation either. This is just a simple, sincere request from all of you for another helpless human being.

I talked to this kid’s father this morning and they are in desperate need. I know that it is hard for us to contribute in a big way. But….how about contributing each one of us to the best we can. That will definitely help to make a change in this kid’s life. if you are willing to contribute some money, please contact Gemunu or Priyashantha. We are more than happy to contribute to this great deed to the best we can. We’ll transfer your generous donation to their account in a week or two.

You can contact this family directly and get more information as wish through the following numbers;

Mr. Isuru Bandara (Kid’s Father) : 001 94 77 3040369 (Mobile)
His Home number: 001 94 37 5768726

Hope to hear from you all.



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