Ven Dodampahala Wipulasiri Thero’s visit

Nelumbo nuciferaBy Nalinda Dissanayake

Ven Dodampahala Vipulasiri Thero (from Montreal temple) will come to Regina on 19th February and like to visit us once again on 21st and 22nd of February (Saturday and Sunday). If you need to have him visit to your home for a Dana or Dhamma talk, please let me know so that we can fix a schedule. And pls let us know what dana your going to make (heel dana, daval dana etc..).

Schedule that needs to be filled:

21st (Saturday)
Arrival: let you know soon
Daval Dana at Saman/Sujeema
Evening at ……..(Hamuduruwo prefers to give a damma talk at a temple or at any place where everybody can gather ).

Accommodation for Saturday night is also not yet fixed.

22nd (Sunday)
Heela Dana at Ananda/Rohini
Daval Dana at Nalinda/Kishari

Will leave Saskatoon in the afternoon.
With Meththa, Nalinda


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