Sri Lanka’s 61st Independence Day

Happy Independence Day Sri Lanka - 61stSri Lanka is a tiny tropical Island in the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka has an over 2500 year well known written-history and it is also said from the evidence of archeological excavations that there were prehistoric settlements in Sri Lanka37 000 years before the present (Fa Hien-lena near Bulathsinhala). This prosperous piece of land had been invaded by foreign nations time to time in the history and fully or partially ruled the country. During their running, invaders shattered the priceless places of the Sri Lanka (e.g. Anuradhapura & Polonnaruwa) and extracted the resources.   However, it was only the British who were successful in governing the entire country under the Crown over a century. However, She had so many brave-hearts full with gallantry, heroism and dignity who fort with the enemies and unit the country in the past and the present. Sri Lanka, then known as Ceylon finally gained the independence on 4th February 1948 from British Crown. Since then we as a Sri Lankan, doesn’t matter where we are live, celebrate this day for our pride and dignity of the freedom.

Wish you a happy INDEPENDENCE DAY Sri Lanka !


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