Seelananda Hamuduruvo’s Visit to Saskatoon

By Lal Samarasekara
Seelananda Hamuduruvo of Edmonton has kindly accepted my invitation to visit Saskatoon on the 14th of February 2009, and leaving Saskatoon on the 15th, the next day.

Here is his schedule:
Saturday the 14th
*Arrival: 7:48 pm Saskatoon Airport
*8:30 to 9:30 pm – Bana at Royal University Hospital, * Room 4104,
Multifaith Ceremonial Room (Next to Chapel) – For details, pl contact Lal/ Priyashantha and Chandima. *Blessings to parents of all of us. *

Priyashantha and Chandima have kindly agreed to provide accommodation the 14th night.

Sunday the 15th

*Heel Dana* – For details, pl contact * Priyashantha/Chandima*
*Daval Dana*- *Blessings to parents of all of us.* For details, pl contact *Lal/ Priyashantha and Chandima*
*Gilanpasa*- For details, pl contact *Ushan and Iresha*

*Departure 8:20 pm Saskatoon Airport*

*Please do feel free to forward this email to anyone you might think would be interested.

*Everyone is cordially invited to any and all events*


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