Philanthropist makes donation of C$ 1000 to ‘Api Wenuwen Api’ fund

20090312_22Mrs. Rukmani Perera of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada made a donation worth of C$ 1000 for the ‘Api Wenuwen Api’ fund today (March 12). The cash cheque was presented to Secretary Defence Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa by Mr. Upali Perera (husband of Mrs. Rukmani) at the Ministry of Defence, Colombo.

The ‘Api Wenuwen Api’ fund was established by Ministry of Defence in cooperation with the Central Bank of Sri Lanka for the construction of 50,000 houses for armed forces personnel. Each housing project also includes schools, shopping complexes, gymnasiums, and other facilities. (source


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  1. Thushan says:

    This is a really good work from a Saskatoon family! Thanks!

  2. John21 says:

    Do you want to give the green light to a system of government which ignores its own rules and discourages direct democracy? ,

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