2009 New Year Auspicious Times

From Sri Lanka Jothisha
Please consider all Auspicious times in Sri Lanka times

Punya Kalaya

Dawn of New year is at 14th April 2009 at 00:47

Puniyakala is the time which starts 6hrs 24 minutes before the dawn of New year and ends 6 hours 24 minutes after the dawn of New year. So the puniya kala for Sri Lanka starts on Monday 13 th April at 6:23 pm and ends at Tuesday 14 th at 7:11 am . The first portion of the Punyakala is allocated for religious ceremonies and the second part is for traditions like preparing Meals. Starting work, transactions ect.

Preparing Meals “Ahara Peseema”
April 14th at 05:05 am
Auspicious direction is North,
Auspicious cloth Cream colour or white
Prepare a “Kiri Bath” from red rice mixed with Ghee and Kollu seeds (Kollu seeds is – Horse Gram – and Jaggery (sharkara)

Starting Work, Transactions and Taking Meals “Ahara Anubavaya, Weda Alleema ha Ganudenu Kerreema”
April 14th at 5:50 am
Auspicious direction North,
Auspicious cloth Cream or white

Applying Oil “Hisa tel Gaama”
April 15th at 7:32 am (Morning)
Auspicious direction East,
Auspicious cloth Green and Yellow mixed cloth

Going to work
April 16th at 6:19 am (Morning)
Auspicious direction North,
Auspicious cloth Golden colour cloth,
April 20th at 6:28 am
Auspicious direction South,
Auspicious cloth Cream or white

Auspicious times for other Countries and Cities such as New York, London, Montreal, Singapore, Melbourne, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Rome, Sydney, Canberra, Christchurch etc Click here.,


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