Driver Education for Immigrants in Saskatoon (Canada)

Driver education program open to refugees and immigrants:

Westgate Alliance Church is starting a new Community Driver Education Course starting April 22nd from 6:45- 9:00 pm.

The program will run for 4 weeks which will be the 6 hours required for the in class driver’s training. There will be a fee of $50 for the 4 weeks in class training and then $30 for each hour driving with the instructor on the road.

Please make sure, your clients bring $50 for registration.You can refer interested clients to a lady name: Florence Neufeld from Westgate Alliance Church to register. Phone number: 382-6512.

OR clients can go to the church on April 22nd and register there.

Rishad, Men’s Program Coordinator would like to add:” In the last Driver’s Education course (November 08) we referred more than 40 clients through Family and settlement counsellors. They all got their 6/6 (6 hours in class and 6 hours on the road) certificates!

The address is: Westgate Alliance Church, 3315 Centennial Drive
Saskatoon, SK S7L 6V4(306) 382-6512
(Info from Gnanaseeli Munasinghe)


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