Open invitation for The Saskatoon Sri Lankan Community


From Sinhala Language school

Ven Thalgaswawe Seelananda Thero from Edmonton will be conducting a dhamma and meditation program for kids and adults from May 29 to 31st.

This is the tentative agenda.

Venue – 247, 1St Avenue North, Learning Centre- Open Door Society

Friday May 29th

Arrives in Saskatoon at 02:25pm

7:00 pm: Gilanpasa, budha pooja and damma desana

Saturday May 30th – Program for kids

7:45-8:00 am

Parents are advised to drop kids on time and the program will be conducted in English.

Participants are asked to bring an exercise book and a pencil/pen.

8:00 am

Program starts

10:30 am-1.00pm

Budha pooja and dana

Parents can participate with kids (Parents will bring dana ~ 10:30 am)

1.00pm -Program resumes

Sunday May 31st – Program for adults

7:45 am-8:00 am –Doors open

  1. Program will be conducted in Sinhala. Teenagers and older children can attend too.

8.00 am – Program starts

10.30 am -1.00pm

Budha pooja and dana


Program resume

Monday June 1st

8.30 am Ven Thalgaswawe Seelananda Thero leaves Saskatoon

Accommodation:  at Burmese temple

Dana and other refreshments

Buddha pooja starts at 10:30 am and offerings need to be ready

before the pooja starts.

Microwave facilities are available.

Meals are fully vegetarian; no maldive fish, dairy and egg products or ingredients.

More details and confirmation will be sent later


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