Broadway Street Fair Performance

By Andrew Reeson

I’d like to invite any performing artists from Saskatoon’s Sri Lankan community to join us and perform at the this year’s Broadway Street Fair: Celebrate Diversity.  Please find the event details below.  If you know any performance groups that might be interested in performing, or you have any questions, please contact me at this e-mail address or at 306.664.6463.  Thanks for your consideration.

Event Name: Broadway Street Fair: Celebrate Diversity;

Date: 12 September 2009;

Location: Broadway Avenue;

Time: Performances will run between 11:00 AM until 5:00 PM on a number of different stages, so there is quite a lot of scheduling flexibility;

Honorarium: We are happy to contribute an honorarium to all of our performers or provide them with a vendor table at the Street Fair;

Honorarium Amount: Negotiable;

Contact Person: Andrew Reeson

Phone Number: 306.664.6463


Comments: I invite Saskatoon’s Sri Lankan community to join us for Broadway Street Fair.  This is Broadway’s biggest event of the year, drawing thousands from all over the Saskatoon region. An eclectic array of street performers, vendors, artists, musicians, and dancers will transform Broadway into a five block long carnival. Each year this event renews Broadway’s historic role as Saskatoon’s cultural main street.

This year, in partnership with the Saskatchewan Intercultural Association, the Global Gathering Place, and the Indigenous Peoples Program, we will extend a special invitation to Saskatoon’s aboriginal and immigrant communities to participate in Broadway Street Fair. Nearly 16,000 (8% of) Saskatonians are foreign born, and nearly 20,000 (10%) are aboriginal. Ten percent of Saskatoon’s visible minority population lives within walking distance of Broadway. There are over 1,500 international students on the nearby University campus. Broadway is also home to Oskayak High School (nearly 150 aboriginal students.)

Broadway Street Fair 2009: Celebrate Diversity will make Broadway and Saskatoon more inclusive, leading to a more socially harmonious, more positive, and safer community. This is a substantial concern in Saskatoon where only 21% of residents consider race relations to be good, and where crime rates are among the highest in the country. Also, increasing the diversity of people on Broadway will make it a richer, livelier district.

I hope that you can join us.


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