Thanking Note : From Chandima/Harsha and Chandima’s Father

Dear Friends,
We would like thank our beloved Saskatoon friends from our bottoms of hearts for the enormous helps that were rendered to us during my father’s visit to Saskatoon and for the well wishes on the arrival of our little princess “Thinuli”.

We are blessed to be with such a wonderful Sri Lankan community.

Please accept my father’s greetings attached on the following highlighted section got from his thanking e-mail.

Chandima, Harsha and Thinuli

My dear Putha,
This is to thank you, Harsha and your team of spirited friends who did every thing to make me feel at home during my short stay with you.It is with great feelings that I recall how you with your friends welcomed me and since from that day how you cared for me and attend to my needs neglecting the urgent needs of Harsha
Last but not the least convey my kind regards to your galaxy of loving friends who treated me as if they were treating their own father .and tell them I look forward to enjoy their warm company over again.

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