Saskatoon Transit offers SafeBus for Halloween

pumpkin2008This Halloween, parents are reminded to tell their little trick or treaters that Saskatoon Transit’s SafeBus program is there to help if they are in trouble. Children can get on a bus at any bus stop if they are lost, cold,
frightened, hurt, or in trouble. Transit operators have direct 911 access to call for assistance.
Children asking for help do not need money to get on a SafeBus. To get
an approaching bus operator’s attention, children in need of assistance
should stand on the sidewalk and hold their hand up as the bus approaches. The operator will recognize this as a sign of distress and stop to help. The City reminds all parents to tell their children to never step onto the roadway to flag down a bus as this is very dangerous.
For more information on this program, please call Transit’s Customer
Service at 975-3100. The City of Saskatoon and Saskatoon Transit wish everyone a safe and fun Halloween.

Saskatoon Transit


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