Sri Lankan Foods in Saskatoon

By Shiromi Jayasooriya
Dear Friends,
I am opening a small-scale home business on Sri Lankan foods. At the beginning, the business is open only for weekends but hope to expand it for weekdays in the future.
I would like to give the following list of food items with minimum quantities which I can accept at this moment, and the prices (in Canadian $):

1. String Hoppers (minimum 50) – 0.30/one
2. Coconut Sambal (enough for 50 strings) – 3.00
3. Thosa (minimum 25) – 0.40/one
4. Thosa sambal (enough for Thosa 25) – 3.50
5. Chineese Rolls (minimum 25) – 0.80/one
6. Cutlet (minimum 25) – 0.75/one
7. Pittu (minimum 25) – 0.30/one
8. Kiri Hodi for Pittu (enough for 25 Pittu) – 4.00

I am looking forward to accept your orders for the above items. If you are interested, please call me at 477-0981 after 6.00 pm during the weekdays and any time during the weekend.

422 A, Gardiner Place, Saskatoon
Tel: 477-0981


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