Sri Lankan Representative(s) Needed for Olympic Torch Relay

By Smita Garg (Immigration Community Resource Coordinator,
City of Saskatoon)

Saskatoon is very proud to host the Olympic Torch as it passes through our city on its cross-Canada relay to Vancouver for the 2010 Olympics in February.  The Olympic Torch will arrive on Monday January 11, 2010 over the noon hour.  There will be a free two-hour community celebration outside at Kiwanis Memorial Park.

The organizing committee is looking for one representative from the many different ethnic groups that are represented in Saskatoon – part of the program is a cultural procession.  Please see attached sheets.

You, or somebody you know could perhaps represent one of the following ethnic groups:

Ø  Bangladesh

Ø  Afghanistan

Ø  Eritrea

Ø  Ethiopia

Ø  Nigeria

Ø  Ghana

Ø  Hungary

Ø  Korea

Ø  Sri Lanka

Still looking for:

Ø  Brazil

Ø  Caribbean

Ø  Chile

Ø  El Salvador

Ø  First Nations/Métis

Ø  Former Yugoslavia

Ø  France

Ø  Herzegovina

Ø  Hong Kong

Ø  Iraq

Ø  Ireland

Ø  Israel

Ø  Italy

Ø  Mexico

Ø  Netherlands

Ø  Norway

Ø  Peru

Ø  Philippines

Ø  Poland

Ø  South Africa

Ø  Spain

Ø  Taiwan

Ø  Ukraine

If you, or somebody that you know might be interested in being a part of this awesome opportunity, please contact Kim Ali as soon as possible.

Kim’s contact: On Purpose Leadership, (306) 652-1400 x 2,

What a great opportunity!


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