Pilot Scale Conversion of Polyethylene into Gasoline in Sri Lanka

Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources in Sri Lanka yesterday launched Polypto, the world’s first plant in which petrol is generated through polythene and plastic waste. The plant which is located in Yatiyantota is a joint venture by the Central Environment Authority (CEA), the inventor of the concept Ananda Withanage and the Chemical and Process Engineering Department of the Moratuwa University. Minister of Environment and Natural Resources who spoke at the event said the project has opened up an ideal opportunity through which extensive profits could be earned from waste and called it a giant step in creating a greener Sri Lanka.  Addressing the gathering National Post Consumer Plastic Waste Management Project CEO Roshan Gunawardena said The CEA, University of Moratuwa and Mr. Ananda Vithanage embarked on this venture in 2009 and we hope to continue our research for further purification of the product. He added that the main goal of the project was to provide a stable solution for the waste problem in Sri Lanka while introducing a low cost fuel option. (photo and news from InfoLanka and Manjula)

Other research around the world

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