New Year Celebration with One 4L Milk Carton

By Priyashantha,

New year celebration is just around the corner. During the past year, we  were blessed with so many things. But, there are some people out there who are struggling all throughout the year to live day by  day. It is unfortunate that some of these people do not even have three meals a day while we celebrate new year with lots of foods, drinks and gifts. Let us make this new year celebration more meaningful by donating couple of dollars from our fortune to the Saskatoon Food Bank. Chief Execute officer, Mr. Paul from Saskatoon Food Bank told me that the Food Bank needs money to buy milk for hundreds of poor hungry kids in Saskatoon and area. They spend approximately $75,000 per year just for milk (sounds like this is their major obstacle as they are getting lots of food stuff everyday from major food stores such as Sobeys). So, if each of us can donate $5.00 (equivalent to 4 L Milk Carton) to the Food Bank, it will benefit lots of poor children in Saskatoon and area. Therefore, I appreciate your cash donations before April 17th .  Your cash donations will go to the Saskatoon Food Bank under the banner “Saskatoon Sri Lankan Community”. Let us make a difference as a community.


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