Sinhala and Hindu New Year Festival in Saskatoon – 2010

The organizing committee for the Saskatoon community Sinhala and Hindu New Year festival – 2010, is planning to host this event on May 15, 2010 at the auditorium of St. Luke School, 275, Emmeline Road, Saskatoon from 5.30 to 10.00 PM.
There will be customary & traditional as well as fun activities.
The lighting of oil lamp and other rituals will be conducted strictly at auspicious times. We have already started working out all the “neketh” calculations to find the best auspicious times for the intended rituals.
As for the fun activities, opportunities are open for all the performers. Please let us know beforehand what kind of performance you intend to do, so we can arrange the time for you.
Those who like to participate in singing (solo/group), please provide your name to the committee.
If you need background music and/or training for the solos please let us know before March 10, 2010. You may have to find the lyrics & notations if our musicians do not have them. Otherwise you can pick one out of those songs already available with our musicians.
Your support is greatly appreciated to make this event a success.
Looking forward for your participation.
Thanking You,
Sinhala-Hindu New Year 2010 Organizing Committee
Navaratne / Wimala
Thilan / Nirada
Madhwa / Inoka
Samantha / Champika

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