Dhamma Programs by Thai Monks


Nathaniel Osgood, Assistant Professor with the Department of Computer Science asked our office to pass on the following message to you:

Dear Friends,

We wanted to alert you to the fact that two members of the Thai Dhammayut Sangha monks (including a meditation monk of the rank of Chao Khun, Thanissaro Bhikkhu) will be staying in the Saskatoon area for between June 22 & July 1. Each morning the monks will be taking alms food either in a house or on Alms round (pindapat). Dhamma talks will also be given.

A key component of the Sangha visit will be a public Dhamma talk on June 25 and a retreat on the “10 Perfections” (Paramis) held from June 26-27. The information on the retreat is included below. According to standard practice, these talks are free of charge. Please note that Thanissaro Bhikkhu speaks perfect Thai and is regularly asked to provide explanations and translations of concepts in Thai during the retreats.

Thanissaro Bhikkhu is available for discussions in either English or Thai. His schedule has some flexibility.  He may also be available for meal offerings for house-bound individuals. These are forest monks, and during some of their visit, the Venerables will be camping in the forest about an hour north of Saskatoon (near Duck Lake). While only minimal facilities are available, visitors are welcome during this time, either during the day (e.g. for pindipat or the evening chanting and Dhamma talks) or for
overnight stays.

For further information or to arrange for a meeting, please contact Xiaoquan at saskatchewan.kammatthana@gmail.com

You may find information on the retreat below.

————–Retreat Information Follows————-

Retreat Topic: The 10 Perfections (Paramis)

Teacher: Venerable Thanissaro (Metta Forest Monastery, Valley Center, California). Thanissaro Bhikkhu (also known as “Ajaan Geoff”) is an American Buddhist monk in the Dhammayut order of the Thai forest kammatthana tradition. After graduating from Oberlin College in 1971 with a degree in European Intellectual History, he traveled to Thailand, where he studied meditation under Ajaan Fuang Jotiko, himself a student of the late Ajaan Lee. He ordained in 1976 and lived at Wat Dhammasathit, where he remained following his teacher’s death in 1986. In 1991 he traveled to the hills of San Diego County, USA, where he helped Ajaan Suwat Suvaco establish Wat Mettavanaram (“Metta Forest Monastery”). He was made abbot of the monastery in 1993, and was designated to the ecclesiastic rank of Chao Khun in 2006.

His long list of publications includes translations from Thai of Ajaan Lee’s meditation manuals and dhamma talks, as well as teachings of Ajaan Maha Boowa, Ajaan Chah, and Ajaan Chah; entry-level book “Noble Strategy”; essay books “The Karma of Questions” and “Purity of Heart”; “Handful of Leaves”, a four-volume anthology of sutta translations; “The Buddhist Monastic Code”, a two-volume reference handbook for monks; “Wings to Awakening”; and (as co-author) the college-level textbook “Buddhist Religions: A Historical Introduction”. (Biography adapted from www.accesstoinsight.org)  Most of Ven Thanissaro’s Dhamma talks (in both English and Thai) and many of his Enginsh writings can be found at http://www.dhammatalks.org

Time: 7-9pm Friday, June 25 (This is a separate session open to all without requirement of registration). 9am-4 pm Saturday-Sunday, June 26-27. (These days will include meditation sittings dispersed between dhamma talks and discussions on readings from the Pali Canon and from great Ajaans. There will be a break from 11am-1pm, during which participants can eat their own lunch and do walking meditation.)

Location: Albert Community Centre (610 Clarence Avenue South, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan), Second Floor auditorium.

Cost: Free. It is sponsored by Saskatchewan Kammatthana.

Requirement: If you are planning to attend the retreat, please notify the contact below.

Logistics: Participants are responsible for bringing any items they will require during the retreat, such as their own lunch or meditation cushion. This is a non-residential retreat, and visitors from out of town are responsible for their own lodging. Chairs are available on site. Please check out the following webpage for additional information, readings, and updates.


Contact: Xiaoquan: saskatchewan.kammatthana@gmail.com

***Please feel free to circulate this notice to others who may be interested***


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