Dhamma and Meditation Programs

Tanhā Nirodha Upadana Nirodho : the cessation of desire or craving ends the clingingVen Thalgaswawe Seelananda Thero from Edmonton will be visiting Saskatoon for two day dhamma program in first week of July. He has kindly agreed to conduct a kids’ retreat programs on Saturday (July 04th) and adults’ on Sunday (05th) at Open Door Society, 3rd Avenue (Please find the attachments to see the schedule sent by Hamuduruwo).

‘Dawaldanaya’ on Saturday and Sunday will be arranged at the open-door premises.  All are welcomed to participate for these retreat or ‘dana’ activities. If you are coming with a dish for the ‘dawaldana’ (vegetarian meals only), please confirm it with Kumari, Chammi or Sujeema. Rest of ‘dana’ has programmed as follows;

Saturday 03th ‘heeldanaya’ (6:30 am) – Gemunu,
Saturday ‘gilanpasa’ (6:30 pm) – Ushan,
Sunday 04th ‘heeldanaya’ (6:30 am) – Nimantha,
Sunday ‘gilanpasa’ (7:00 pm) – Lal, and
Monday 05th ‘heeldanaya’ (6:30 am) – Karunasena.

With metta, The Organizing committee – Sinhala Panthiya



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