Summer party 2010

All Srilankan Friends,
As we prepare to Celebrate summer which is always a joyous occasion, we want to encourage you to join us with your  family members and friends on saturday 31st July 2010 at FORESTRY FARM .

Start      –       0930am

Breakfast-       10.00am

BBQ       –       11.00am

Lunch     –        1.00pm

Tea       –         4.30pm

Please bring your favourite pop bottle and your assigned food items.

C$ 10.00/family & 5.00/an individual will be collected to share the expenses.

We kindly request you to bring your out door sport equipments, folding chairs, bug sprays etc.

We cordially invite all Srilankans to attend this occasion and hope that you will be able to take this time to get together with other members of our united Srilankan community.

Looking forward to seeing you all.

Organizing committee.


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