Saskatoon (Canada) Sri Lankan (SaskLanka) Library

Since we are living far from our motherland, we have really missed so many great things. Definitely, one such thing is reading Sinhala books (novels, translations, religious and so on). So I thought it would be great, if we have small library which can be used by everyone. For the library, anyone can contribute book(s) , if contributed book(s) will need to be withdrawn from the library, can be done in anytime. So far we could gather around hundred books in various categories (see below for categories). If you have special request of a particular book which is not in the library, we can get it from SL for you.
You can got to the Library Web page:

We have books under following categories (mainly in Sinhala language);

* Biography: collection of biographies of great peoples lived in the world and in Sri Lanka
* Event-based: This category, we have collected books based on special events experienced by human race in world as well as in Sri Lanka, for an example “Wanni Awasan Maha Satana, a book written on the Final Ealam War in SL”
* Religious & philosophy: In this section, we have collected basically books of Buddhism and philosophy.
* Sinahala novels: This section, Sinhala novels of Martin Wickramasinghe, Karunasena Jayalath, Shanthi Dissanayake, Hendry Jayasena, etc… have been collected.
* Sri Lanka history: This section, you could find some interesting books about Sri Lanka history both in Sinhala and English from local as well as foreign authors.
* Translations: contains Sinhala books translated from various languages including English, French, Russian, Hindi, Wanga, …etc.


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  1. kumari says:

    Hello Thushan
    I’ve alredy returned DUHULU MALAK and INDUMATHI

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