Welcome to the Toontown

We are WARMLY WELCOME following families and individuals to the city of Saskatoon.

1. Family info: Chamara Pradeep Silva, Lilani Samarakoon, and Poornima (Little Daughter)
Address: #21-112, 110th Street West
E-mail: chamarapradeeps@yahoo.com

2. Individual info: Sahan Perera
Address: #1342, College Drive (close to RBC)
E-mail: sahandakshitha@yahoo.co.uk
For: Studies (Department of Chemistry, U of S)

3. Individual info: Subani Pathirathne
From: Malambe
Status: Landed immigrant
E-mail: smanjulap@yahoo.com

4. Sajith Mallikarachchi, Chaturika (RUH intern) and two daughters
E-mail: sajith.mallikarachchi@gmail.com
Address : 208-150 Pawlychenko Lane.

5. Palitha Colombage, Nilakshai and their son
Address: 1-911 Preston Avenue South
E-mail: colombagelp@gmail.com

Ps. Since Sri Lankan community in Saskatoon  is rapidly growing day by day, it is hard to track every and each newcomers (for an example one individual has come to Saskatoon without any Sri Lankan connection and he has gone through all kind of troubles, we believe, it is little bit easier if you have anyone known before coming to Saskatoon). If you or your friends/relatives new to Saskatoon, and the same time if you like to inform others in Saskatoon about you or your friends/relatives, Pls contact web-admin (sasklanka@gmail.com) to circulate the new comer information. This is not only limited to the newcomers, but if you have anything that you think should inform others in Saskatoon, pls contact web-admin in that way you can update others.


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