Help for Newcomers-SASKTEL connections

By Sumith Priyashantha

If you (or someone you know of) had a problem with SASKTEL when you (or he/she)  first asked for telephone and internet connections, please let me know what problems you (or he/she) faced as a newcomer to the City. I noticed that Sasktel asks for credit history or a deposit from newcomers when they ask for a new connection. I think asking credit history or a deposit is an extra burden (on top of others) to newcomers who do not have credit history in Canada and sometime cannot afford for a deposit.  I complained about this to Sasktel. Director (Customer service)and Manger (Account receivable) from SaskTel  agreed to sit down with me next week to discuss how they can help newcomers (this includes new immigrants and students). For me to prepare my materials, please get back to me if you had a problem with Sasktel when you first came to the City. Also, if you have any suggestion to Sasktel, please let me know. Hope this meeting would create positive results for all our newcomers in the future.

If you know any immigrant family from other ethnic groups, please kindly forward this mail so that I can hear their problems too.

Hope to hear.




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  1. sheena says:

    Sri Lanka is the most beautiful country in the world. It would be perfect if we had some honest leaders!

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