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By Upali Perera, The StarPhoenix December 3, 2010

Re: Sri Lankan head another disaster in the making (SP, Nov. 29). Since 2006, the conduct of President Mahinda Rajapaksa has demonstrated his perseverance to bring peace to Sri Lanka and the rest of the world by eradicating known hard core Tamil Tiger terrorists.

It is, to my knowledge, the first time in history that terrorism has been eliminated by military power alone. There are many powerful countries that have yet to defeat terrorism.

With the assistance of China and India, and the president and defence secretary, Sri Lanka’s valiant troops were able to defeat terrorism. The country is now able to develop thanks to Rajapaksa and his administration.

Developments throughout the country are ongoing. The administration is working toward a goal in developing Sri Lanka, such as new ports, roads, schools, hydro power, tourism and agriculture.

If, Rajapaksa had not been in power from 2006, the country would be seen as a failed state like Somalia, Afghanistan and Zimbabwe.

Your editorial is based on propaganda spin, and lacks knowledge of the full facts or the current situation in Sri Lanka.

Freedom of media is thriving in Sri Lanka. The negative and baseless comments made about Sri Lanka by powerful industrial countries, as well as by human rights groups, will not stop the developments and unification of all her citizens.

Sri Lanka once again has become the Pearl of the Indian Ocean.

Upali Perera


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