Thank you so much for your concerns and supports

Dear Friends,

On behalf of Chandra, Priyanwada, Thilina and Travis, I sincerely extend our gratitude to you all for your support and comfort given in various ways; by phoning, sending e-mails, visiting us personally, sending flowers, bringing food, and also attending the funeral in Sri Lanka, during the difficult time.   Chandra and Priyanwada managed to reach Sri Lanka on June 08 at about 1.30 pm, but my father-in-law passed away about an hour prior to them reaching the hospital. Despite that both Chandra and Priyanwada feel a bit better, because they were able to attend the funeral, and the 7th day DANA and DRARMA DESANA.

We used the monitory contribution (> $ 1, 500.00) given by the Saskatoon Sri Lankan Community and also in person to purchase different items for DANA and daily needs of HAMUDORUWOS. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTION AND ‘ME PIN OBALA SIYALU DENATAMA ANUMODAM WEWA’.  

Chandra has also visited ‘MEETIRIGALA NISSARANA WANAYA’ near Kirindiwela, with her mother and relatives to offer DANA to HAMUDIRUWO’s who live there.  They also wanted to visit Venerable UDA ERIAYAMA DHAMMAJEEVA’  Thero of the NISSARANA WANAYA, a meditation master , who was my batch mate (Karunarathne Banda, B.Sc.- Agric  and M.Sc.- Agric.), in the U. of Peradeniya, in his ‘GIHI GEEVITHAYA’ period.  Unfortunately, they could not meet him, since he was on a ‘DHARMA MISSION’ in the U.S.A. at that time. 

Ven.  Uda Eriyagama Dhammajeeva thero is a world leading meditation teacher, who frequently visits Asian, European and Pacific Rim countries. When you visit Sri Lanka next time, please pay a visit to that place, and meet with him and discuss any topic related to Buddhist philosophy. You can go to his website by typing his name on Google. Also, you can listen to his ‘DHARMA DESANA’ and discussion he conducted during his visits.                    

 My father-in-law was 88 years old and enjoyed a very healthy life. For over two decades, I have been spoiling him by sending him or taking with me a bottle of V.S.O.P. (Very Special Old Pale) Brandy, which he enjoyed the most.  Normally, it takes about 3 months for him to finish one 1.4-L bottle of Brandy, so it was NOT that expensive for me to make him happy. I will really miss seeing him when I visit Sri Lanka next time.  I am sending you two pictures taken prior to the cremation, as an attachment. 

Despite the fact that losing someone you love is very painful, we need to accept that it is the reality.  It becomes even more painful when we live far away from them. So keep in touch with them on a daily basis, if possible, using communication technological means such as Skype.

Finally, we thank you all once again for your support, concerns, and contributions, and ‘OBALA SIYALU DENATAMA ME PIN ATHWEWA’.

We wish you all a very happy life and a prosperous future.

May the Triple Gem Bless and Guide You All!  



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