The Budget-2011 Christmas Party

The 2011 Christmas Party Organizing Committee would like to express their sincere gratitude for everyone who attended the gathering few weeks back. We are once again very thankful for those who did help us in numerous ways to make this event a very success. The Organizing Committee apologizes from Sajith/Chathurika and Sujith/Kanchana families for missing out their relations during visitors’/new comers’ introduction to the community. So please welcome Chathurika’s parents and Kanchana’s parents to the Saskatoon Sri Lankan Community. We also appreciate Sandhya’s voluntary Christmas treat to everyone on that day. There are few spoons and a lid of a food container found at the church at the end of the party and they are now under Shiromi’s custody. They can be collected from Shiromi if you have misplaced those at the party. Herewith, we have attached the budget of the party. A balance of $122.81 will be handed to the 2012 New Year Party Organizing Committee (Ajith, Chandima & Harsha, Nalantha & Anusha, Kamal & Manel, and Sajith & Chathurika). We wish them all the best for organizing the next major community gathering in April 2012. Best wishes for a very happy and prosperous New Year 2012 to Saskatoon Sri Lankans.

The 2011 Christmas Party Organizing Committee, (Nalinda & Kishari, Mibe & Shiromi, Dilshan & Indika, Prabath & Buwani, and Chaminda & Ruwani)



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