Almsgiving at the Mettavihari Burmese Temple

As we mentioned earlier, there are two monks who visiting Saskatoon are staying at the Burmese temple. The visiting (Venerable Gayanori and Venerable Buddha Ratna) and the resident monks (Venerable U Osadha) were kindly enough to give us a date for an almsgiving. However, due to an unforeseen VISA issue, only one monk (Venerable Buddha Ratna) of two could participate the event.

You are invited to participate the offering of “dawal daana” (lunch) on this Sunday (1st April) from 10:00-12:30 p.m. at Mettavihari Burmese Buddhist Temple (115 Witney Ave South Saskatoon, S7M 3K1, Phone: 306-382-0461).

It would be greatly appreciated that if you can bring some food(s) (rice and/or curries-the monks are not strictly vegetarians, and/or fruits, and/or other desserts and/or beverages).  The participants (at least for kids) may have their lunch at the temple. Therefore, please bring enough for 20-30 servings. Furthermore, you are most welcome to bring flowers, incense sticks or fruit juice to offer the Lord Buddha. Please let following one of knows (Sandya, Champika, Buwani, Thushan, or Ajith) the dish(es) what you would bring.

The principle and the secretary of the Sinhala Language School kindly request from their students and the parents to attend this event. Thus, please come directly to the Burmese Temple at 10:00 a.m.


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