2013 MBVCA Meditation Retreat

Manitoba Buddhist Vihara and Cultural Association Inc will be hosting a meditation retreat with Venerable Uda Eriyagama Dhammajiva Maha Thero in 2013 in Winnipeg, MB.

St Benedict’s Retreat and Conference Centre
225, Masters Avenue
Teacher:Venerable UdaEriyagama Dhammajiva Maha Thero
Venerable UdaEriyagama Dhammajiva Maha Thero (also known as Sayadaw U. Dhammajiva) will be conducting this residential retreat in Winnipeg, Canada.Venerable Dhammajiva has practiced as a Meditation Master for over twelve years and is presently the Chief Preceptor of the Nissarana Vanaya Aranya in Sri Lanka. On a daily basis, he provides training on both tranquility (Samatha) and insight (Vipassana) meditation methods to about twenty monks, resident at the Nissarana Vanaya Aranya.
Venerable Dhammajiva also spent several years training under Ovadacariya Sayadaw U. Panditabhivamsa, a leading Burmese meditation master who follows the lineage of the great Venerable Mahasi Sayadaw. Venerable Dhammajiva is fluent in Sinhalese, English and Burmese and has authored and translated many meditation books from Burmese to English and Sinhalese.
Style of Practice:Theravadha (Language – Sinhala)
This international yogi retreat will be conducted in the Theravadha tradition with a focus on the Satipattana Buddhist Meditation Practice. The practice emulates continuity of mindfulness through the noting of physical and mental objects, arising in each moment. This includes sitting meditation, walking meditation and the conduct of daily activities.
Instruction will include evening discourses, question and answer periods and individual interviews with yogis. During the retreat, yogis are expected to practice with a high degree of commitment. All yogis will be expected to observe the Eight Precepts and maintain strict Noble Silence.

St. Benedict’s Retreat Centre offers city convenience in a rural setting along the Red River and is located on 72 acres of wooded grounds. Just 20 minutes from downtown Winnipeg, the Centre offers walking paths and acres of land for walking meditation and contemplation.The surrounding forest and winding Red River offers a perfect atmosphere of tranquility to cultivate Vipassana Meditation.

Male and female dormitories are available with shared accommodation for up to 55 participants. Up to five Venerable monks will be accommodated in a separate monastery.Breakfast and lunch including rice, vegetarian curries and western food will be provided by the retreat centre. Only beverages will be provided after 12.00 noon.
Please contact your medical doctor before attending this retreat. All yogis are advised to have medical insurance prior to arrival in Canada.
For more information contact Radhika Abeysekera (204) 254 7300 email; RAbeysekera@winnipeg.ca
or Rajitha Perera (204) 261 3683

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