Where I’m From


By Thyaga Dahanayake (Published on Prezi)


I’m from the elegant dresses to the rebel apparels
I’m from quality family times to the amusing friendships
I’ m from the shimmering turquoise oceans to the shallow fresh lakes
I’m from the mysterious forests to the Exposed Cities
I’m from the spacious fields to the bright meadowsI’m from the crowded beaches to soul-searching woodlands
I’m from the elevated proud mountains to the wide green Plateaus
I’m from the pitiful and powerful lights of the sun to the grave darkness that promises clandestine
I’m from the anonymous and majestic creatures of the night to the great heroes of the dawns.
I’m from the isolated cold buildings to the comforting of the warmth of my house

I’m from the depressing times to the ecstatic times
I’m from the magical and enchanting tales to the Grimm’s dark fairy tales
I’m from the daring perilous games to simple puzzles
I’m from motivating and inspirational music to the blasting senseless rhythms
I’m from real friends to one faithful unique best friend
I’m from expressing myself to being who I am

I’m from the warming tea sips to the ice cold Slurpee’s
I’m from the tropical fruits to the exotic berries
I’m from the greasy fries to the fresh vegetables
I’m from the exhilarating adventures to the tiresome measures
I’m from humorous jokes to the series situations




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