Dhamma Program: Sep 27-30

While appreciating you all for the very positive responses, following is the most updated program as of now. We will inform this schedule to Ven, Swamin Vahanse and let you see the final program if there be any modifications.

Date Time Venue Event
Sep 27 7.30 PM Airport Welcome to Saskatoon
Sep  28 6:00AM Prabath /Buwani Heela Danaya
  10:45 AM Nalinda/Kishari Evergreen Mahabir Cr Daval Danaya
  5:00-8:00 PM


Vietnamese Temple Meditation Buddha Vandana and Dhamma Deshana
Sep 29 6:00 AM Kamal/Ajantha Heel Danaya
  9:30 AM: 3:00 PM


To be decided Children’s program (Daval Danaya is open preferably  for a potluck)


Sajith/ Chathurika

226, Stepniy cr

Dhamma Deshana
Sep 30 6:00 AM Udaya/Janitha

531 Kucey Cr.

Heel Danaya
Sep 30 10:45 AM Udith/

306 384 5002

Daval Danaya
  2:00 PM   Departure


While respecting all your offers for a Danaya turn, we believe this program is fair for all. Let us make use of this opportunity to collect as much merits as possible.

Please kindly note that Ven. Swamin Vahanse never accept any cash donations for himself and is not interested in accepting  Pirikara. Those who willing to make any donations are most welcome, we will arrange you to make the donation directly to the Toronto Mahamevna Asapuwa Fund. For donations received along with name and address for tax return receipts, are issued yearly by the Committee.

Everyone is kindly invited and most welcome to attend any and all of the above events.

Please feel free to forward this message to anybody who might be interested in attending any of the above events.

Your suggestions to improve the above program especially, children’s program are most welcome.


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