Bottle Dive 2016

Collecting Date: Saturday June 25, 2016

SLAS is organizing another bottle drive (collection of recyclables materials) to raise fund of the association. One of SLAS member will come to your place to collect those bottles and cans on June 25th (this week Saturday).


We would greatly appreciate if you could:

Remove the cap

  • Rinse the container
  • Reduce its size
  • Sort your containers based on type


SARCAN cannot accept:

  • Any beverage container purchased outside of Saskatchewan
  • Foil pouches
  • Refillable water jugs (i.e., Culligan)
  • Nutritional supplements (i.e., Boost, Ensure)
  • Baby juices (i.e., Heinz)
  • Concentrates (anything that has to be mixed with something else in order to be consumed)
  • Other household glass, plastic, and metal containers (i.e., pickle jars, margarine tubs, vegetable tins)

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