NPL 2016

8:30am- Setting up ground and tents (volunteer)
9:00am- Breakfast

9:30am- Rangers vs Lions
10:30am- Lions vs Stars
11:30am- Rangers vs Renegades
12:30pm – Renegades vs Stars
1:30pm- Lunch
2:00pm- Royals vs Sixers I (ladies)
3:00pm- Rangers vs Stars
4:00pm- Lions vs Renegades
5:00pm- Royals vs Sixers II (ladies)
6:00pm – Final

Please note:

Each match is allocated 1 hour. Let’s try to get it done within that time frame

Captains are responsible for gathering the necessary amount of players 15 minutes prior to the start time of the game

  • Attached are the two lists of teams for men’s and women’s teams for the upcoming NPL. We still have spots in the ladies team so if you want to play let us know on that day.
  • We can also accommodate any male players who wants to play.
  • See you all on this Saturday and don’t forget to bring an umbrella because it will rain 6’s!!!
  • Little correction to the previous email: Meals will be organised and provided (with a least cost) by Sri Lankan Association of Saskatoon (SLAS) with the help from Sask Lankan Welfare Society (SLWS).
  • Please bring refillable water bottles and reusable cups if possible.
  • To reduce waste and be environment- friendly.”please possible to bring plastic cups of your own (even though the organisers will provide cups and plates).
  • Tents are provided by SLAS and Sask Lanka Cricket Association.
  • Would anybody be able to provide us folding table/s? We appreciate if you could.

    Good luck to all teams….

    Nipun Navaratne
  • Match Play Rules

    • Games will be 8 players a side and 8 overs each side. 2 bowlers can bowl a max of 2 overs each
    • No byes, Leg byes would be counted towards the score
    • Wides and No balls will cost 1 run. Over stepping no balls will be followed by a free hit, during free hit only way to get out is by a run out
    • If a batsman scores 30+ runs he will retire to give other players a chance to bat. That said player come back to play when the final wicket falls of their innings
    • A by-runner would be given to an injured player upon request but this is limited to one runner per innings in a game.
    • Final playing teams will be decided on the number of wins. If there’s a tie the next thing we consider will be the # of boundaries.
    • Reserved players can play with other teams with the consent of both captains, but once a player plays in one team that player can’t switch teams

    Fielding Restrictions

    • No less than 2 players inside the circle at all times.
    • Ladies match will be played with smaller boundary sizes so they can place their fielders whichever they see right.

    Weather Condition Rules

    • If the game play is delayed by rain the amount of overs will go down to 6 and one bowler can bowl a max of 2 overs in this scenario.

    General Guidelines

    • Please arrange the playing members of the team 15 minutes prior to the set game time
    • Try to finish the game within the allocated time frame
    • Be respectful to other players (optional) and towards the neighbors around the venue (not optional)

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