SLAS Membership – Join us


Renew: This is a friendly reminder to our community to renew their membership with Sri Lankan Association of Saskatoon Inc (SLAS) for the year 2016-2017. It will be possible for you to renew your membership at the summer party on this Saturday (August 13th).

New membership: There is the opportunity for those who yet to be SLAS members to enrol.

Some of the privileges of being a member of SLAS and its role


Concession for the community parties: As we did in previous community parties, in this summer party too, a portion of the charge will be covered for its members by Sri Lankan Association of Saskatoon Inc (SLAS).

Scholarship program for children starting post-secondary education: This program is introduced to appreciate the children of our members who will pursue post-secondary education in a recognized post-secondary institution in or outside Canada. Each student who is eligible will receive $100 as an entrance scholarship.

Helping newcomers to Saskatoon: The Saskatoon Sri Lankan community is growing and more and more Sri Lankan newcomers are coming to Saskatoon every year. We believe that SLAS can play a key role in their early settlement if they are willing to accept our helping hand. We would like to request all the members and non-members to inform us if you know any newcomer coming to settle in Saskatoon and expecting help in early settlement.

SLWS: Logistic support for the welfare society (Sask Lankan Welfare Society).

Sask Lanka cricket: Logistic and financial support for tournaments and events.

And many other support for the community and its events.


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