‘Gee Pedura’ -Winter 2017



Date:  The program on Feb 18th (Saturday) will be about 2 to 2.5 h.

Time: 6 p – 9 pm

Place: 1715 Idylwyld Drive North, Quality Inn and sites Saskatoon.

The list of songs will be sent out on or before Thursday. We hope everyone will participate in this interactive “Pedura” style program.

We’ll make them available on a screen at Pedura.

Ravindra Navaratna Heendeniya with Shamiro Fernando and Prabath Lokuruge will provide live music.

All of you (as families) are welcome. Allow your young ones to participate and experience this commemoration of iconic Sri Lankan songs.

We will have few mats available and if you have your own please bring.

To have a simple meal available for the participants you are invited to bring dishes of the followings. To avoid unnecessary duplication of same food item Please e-mail to sasklanka@gmail.com or call 306 477 8937 (Janitha) or 306 955 4047 (Gnanaseeli) if you would like to contribute any of the following items for the meal.

We would appreciate if you could confirm your presence by 7:00 pm Thursday, February 16th.

Suggested menu:

–        Rice, plain (need 6 people each 6-8 cups)

–        Noodles, with vegetables or meat (need 4 people, for 10-15 each)

–        Lentil curry (need 4 people, for 15-20 people each )

–        Pol sambol (need 5 people, for 10-15 people each)

–        Eggs, hard boiled (need 6 people, 12 each)

–        Sprats/dry fish with gravy in Sri Lankan style (need 3 or 4 people, for 15-20 each)

–        Potato (white) curry (need 3 people, for 20 people each)

–        Fresh fruits, washed and cut (need 5 people, for 15-20 people each)

–        Disposable plates (need three of 50 plate packs)

–        Disposable cups (need three 100 cup packs)

–        Bottled water (need 4 packs of 12 bottles)

Tea, coffee and few snacking items will be available.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Dear friends:

The SLAS would like to offer an opportunity to the community members to break the winter monotone with a Gee Pedura that all of us can participate and enjoy.

As the initial step, SLAS cordially invites to any volunteers from the Saskatoon Sri Lankan community to organize this interactive singing program in the Pedura-Style.

If you are interested in being in the organizing committee and would like to provide any input please reply to this e-mail (SLAS) before 2nd of February(this Thursday).

Proposed theme: Popular songs of 60’s to 90’s with traditional and local music elements [Many of these songs/choices would happen to be Sinhala songs but not necessarily].

Proposed date & time: Evening of Saturday, 18th February, 2017 (family day weekend).

We cordially invite our music lovers to get involved in this event and hope to see your support; organizing as well as performing.


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