G. Further Help

There are number of places that I know in Saskatoon, and from where you can get lots of help. Check out the following places and see what kind of services they offer you as newcomers/immigrants.

1. Saskatoon Open Door Society:

The mission of the Open Door Society is to welcome and assit immigrants and refugees to become informed and effective participants in Canadian Society and to involve the Saskatoon Community in their hospitable reception and just acceptance.


2. The Global Gathering Place:

Mission of the Global Gathering Place is to build bridges of understanding in our community, to enhance and enrich the lives of Newcomers and Volunteers alike. Global Gathering Place strives to enable full participation by Newcomers in all aspects of Canadian Society by more equally engaging Newcomers and Canadians.


3. Internation Women of Saskatoon:

The Goal of Internation Women of Saskatoon is to help improve the status of immigrant and refugee women and their families residing in Saskatoon and surrounding region, by assisting them to become full participating members in all aspects of Canadian Society.


4. Saskatchewan Intercultural Association Inc:

Sasakatoon Intercultural Association provides services for immigrants and refugees in Saskatoon. Mission is to recognize and supportthe right of every cultural grop and individual to retain and develop their distinctive cultural indentity, langauage and arts without political or social impediment – for the mutual benefit of all citizens.


By Dr. Sumith Priyashantha

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