D. Let Me Drive

drivers-licenceFor information on driver’s licence, how you should get it, from where you can get it, and for other related information, please refer to the following web links;



New residents who wish to drive in Saskatchewan should obtain a Saskatchewan driver’s licence within 3 months of arriving to the province. I think, in the first three month, you can use your existing driver’s licence from your original country.

To obtain a driver’s licence, you must pass the written test and a road test. You should study Driver’s Handbook before you sit for the written test. Free copy of that book can be obtained from a SGI office. You can test your skills using following link too;


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  1. where is the site for written test exam for learners i tried to open these for a month but i cant find

  2. john says:

    I want to conect again to this website

  3. ying says:

    Basic driver education test

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