E. Buy Stuffs

Cheap Way to Buy Stuffs You Need

cheap-productsOnce newcomers come to Saskatoon from another country, some people don’t want to spend too much money until they find a job or any other income source. I agree with that. Some people (such as students) don’t have money enough to buy basic stuffs they want to start the life. So….how do you start the new life in a simple way or how can you save money you brought from your country. Answer is spending less and buying very cheap stuff for your basic needs (not food).

You may need to buy some items (such as cooking utensils, bed or mattress, microwave, telephone, TV, winter cloths and other items) to start the life in the new place. There are number of ways you can find stuff you need in a cheap way. Here are some of the places for cheap products;

1. Dollarama;

The company is Canada’s largest operator of “all-at-a-dollar” stores. Dollarama now has stores in every province of Canada, with Ontario having the most stores. All items are $1. Products you can buy are cleaning supplies, toys, candy, grocery, gifts, healthcare products, kitchenware, School supplies, Stationary, Party Supplies, and Hardware.

Store locations in Saskatoon;

106C-810 Circle Dr E
Saskatoon, SK S7K3T8

(306) 651-1280

513 Nelson Rd
Saskatoon, SK S7S1P4

(306) 651-1265

3011 Clarence Ave S
Saskatoon, SK S7T0B4

(306) 382-2936

2. Dollarstore;

This is another place you can buy stuff cheap. Name says all about it. You can find store locations and other information from the following weblink;


3. XScargo;

You can find the clearance, overstock, liquidation, refurbished products that mean the best buys for you. Check out their website for the products and prices.


4. Salvation Army Thrift Shop;

You can buy lots of items you want from this place. It is really cheap. Check out the following web link for more details and store locations;


5. Garage Sales;

A sale of used household belongings typically held outdoors or in a garage at the home of the seller. Garage sales are available normally during spring and summer months. It is fun to go garage sales. You can buy lots of good stuff. You can find garage sales’ locations using classified advertisements on local papers (Eg. Star Phoenix) or kijiji website.

6. Kijiji;

Check out this website. You will be able to find lots of stuff you want.


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