F. Finding An Apartment

Ok, Finding an apartment will not be tough. But depends on area you are looking for, and your requirements. Best thing is to phone the landlord of the apartment your are interested in, and ask about conditions, restrictions, and available facilities.  Talk about monthly rent and other deposits (such as a security deposit or damage deposit) before you decide. Normally, electricity and water bills will not be included in your monthly rent. Also….talk about conditions of your lease. It is very important.

I have listed following web sites for you to find an apartment.

Check out the Housing Bankbook from City of Saskatoon for further details. This is a very  useful information package. Download Housing Handbook.

If a problem arises between you and the landlord, Contact the Office of Rentalsman, 122 – 3rd Avenue North, Saskatoon. Tel: 933-5680.

Buying a House:

You can go to a bank or a mortgage dealer to apply for a mortgage to buy your first house. Do little bit of shopping to find a good deal. Mortgages are often repaid over 20 to 30 year period. You know that interest is charged on the amount your owe. To buy a house, a down payment of 5% to 25% is often required.

You can check for the house you want from the following websites;

If you need any help, Contact me at;

Priyashantha@yahoo.com (Dr. Sumith)

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  1. Jalen says:

    I hate craigslist cause its so hard to find things, but I found this craigs list alternative: squibers.com that lets me view things by pictures its SO much easier to use and they have everything craigslist has plus more. craigslist alternative squibers

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