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Second thing you should do – Job Hunting
By Sumith Priyashantha

What is the next thing you should do if you come to Canada or Saskatoon?n53261048823_1927296_3036
If you are an immigrant, you really have to find a job. You don’t want to spend the money you brought from your country. So….the best thing is to find a job immediately. Can you do that? May be or may not be. Some people are lucky. They can find a job suitable to their qualifications within two or three months of their arrivals here. For some people, it might take a year or two. Or for some people, this might take forever. So……be prepared to face the challenge. Job won’t come to you. You have to go and hunt for it. Also…..don’t brag about what you did in your country, and expect the same here in Canada. There are all sorts of reasons why we should not expect it at the beginning. It might take time to get a job you are looking for. Be prepared for any situation. Be humble. Be prepared to present your qualifications and talents in an impressive way. Also…take it as your responsibility to brush up your knowledge to a Canadian standard or Canadian situation. Let us talk about it later.

Anyway, here is my advice. You start with a low paying job; I call it as an odd job. It is easy to find such a job. You can try out restaurants, supermarkets, telemarketing companies, hotels, fast-food outlets, farms and places like that. Based on my experience, I think it is easy to find such a job here in Saskatoon. How do you find these jobs? Well….you can directly go to these places with a CV and talk to the manager. That might work. I think it is worth to try this out. You don’t lose anything except gaining something insight about job situation. Also….you can try paper advertisements, or job posting websites (I’ll give you some of these web sites later). Also….you can ask one of your friends to refer to a place he knows. Try all the possible ways.

OK. Let us move to next step. If you are happy with your odd job and if you don’t to move or if you are lazy enough to go to the next step, you don’t have to read the rest. Next, you want to find a job that you like and matches with your knowledge and experience. Don’t you? Then here are some simple advices. I am not an expert for this, but, hope this will help a bit.

1. Prepare your CV according to Canadian standards and style. What you used in your country might not be good or attractive for a job here. So think about this and take some time to prepare your CV. That is your first tool for job hunting. If you need help with this, please go to following web link from University of Saskatchewan and see how it is done systematically.

2. OK, your CV is ready. Now you want to find available positions suitable for you in your area. Use following job search links to find available positions in different institutions.

Jobs in Government of Saskatchewan: http://www.careers.gov.sk.ca/
Jobs in City of Saskatoon: http://www.city.saskatoon.sk.ca/org/employment_compensation/employment/index.asp
Jobs in City of Regina: http://www.regina.ca/Page303.aspx
Jobs in University of Saskatchewan: http://www.usask.ca/hrd/work/index.php
Jobs in University of Regina: http://www.uregina.ca/hr/careers
Jobs in Government Institution: http://jb-ge.hrdc-drhc.gc.ca/Intro_eng.aspx

You can submit applications for the positions you can find using above links.

The other effective way to hunt for a job is going to the place you want and talking to the manager or someone in that category. His department/Division should be relevant to the area of your interest. Think about the positive side of this method. You can show them your enthusiasm, interest and you get a chance to talk to people and sell yourself in an effective way. I know that this worked for some of my friends.

3. Ok, if you cannot find a job yet, think about adding a Canadian qualification to your resume. This is a guaranteed way to find a job. You can do a part-time or full-time programme such as a PhD, M.Sc., Certificate or Diploma programme, or a training programme to your basic qualification. You can try following academic institutions for different programmes available for you.

University of Saskatchewan: http://www.usask.ca/
University of Regina: http://www.uregina.ca/
SIAST Campus: http://www.siast.sk.ca/

You can talk directly to a professor who does research in your area of interest for a possible opening for a MSc or PhD opportunity. This is very effective, I must say.

4. Think about doing a volunteer work for sometime in the university or in any other institution you like. This will help you to find a reference for your job application and find a job you want. Reference for a job is very important. It is tough to find a Canadian referee for your job application. So….think about this. Sometime, references from your original country might not work because of the language barrier, difference time zone and other issues.

5. Keep trying until you get the job you want. Keep perseverance. Improve your marketability by improving your English, ability to work with computers, and adding Canadian qualifications.

If you need any other information or help, let me know
Dr. Sumith

Other Important Job Related Websites;

Canadian Labour Market Information: http://www.labourmarketinformation.ca/

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